James McDowell Creates Moving Tribute Song

New Single Is Dedicated To Frontline Workers

Halethorpe, MD – James Tunes is celebrating the devotion of doctors and nurses during the pandemic with his latest release. “You Are The Heroes” is an emotional tribute to those on the frontlines.

“You Are The Heroes” is composed by James McDowell and sung by Leesa Gomez. James’ talented songwriting created a moving ballad to celebrate the work of doctors and nurses during the pandemic. The lyrics are uplifted by Leesa Gomez’s emotional singing voice. The song is a positive message, giving hope to those in need.

James McDowell has been a composer of gospel music sine 1982. In recent years, James has taken a new approach to music, a change in direction in his compositions. In James’ words: “Beside the loss of my vision, I have recently experienced some losses in the family as well as losses of friends. I started to realize that people are just trying to find something in life to give them comfort, joy, happiness, and HOPE. We need more positive messages in this world today! I also think about a lot of social justice issues, which I started incorporating into my writing and look forward to write more about.”

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