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Jason Masi – Power of a Woman

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Jason Masi is an American/DC based singer-songwriter. He stepped out as a solo artist in 2010, trading in the band’s roots-jam driven rock for a more acoustic soul/r&b songwriter approach.

He has since released three solo albums, “Balance & Pull”, 2010, “Life Is Wonderful”, 2012 and latest being “Power of a Woman”, 2014. His transition has led him to supporting slots for hit songwriters like Bleu and Darryl Worley, and has kept him busy on the road performing over 250 shows per year. Influences in Masi’s sound can be drawn between soul artists like Marvin Gaye and Bill Withers, folk and blues icons like Van Morrison and James Taylor as well as modern songwriters in the vein of Mat Kearney, Damien Rice and James Morrison. His songs are often reflective and thought provoking, yet maintain a free spirited and light hearted tone. Masi’s songwriting explores the complexity of love and compromise from a unique, but relatable perspective. The CD is chock full of would be country rock hits, but make no mistake, Masi has a lot of soul and even r&b influences driving this release, and found less on his previous work. The opening tracks sets the tone up well, with the humorous How To Be Rich leading the way for the title track, Power Of A Woman which could easily contend for pop song of the year. Next up is the less desirable Never Alone, which is quickly made up for by one of the albums best tracks of all, I Will Make It Up To You, with its clear message delivered. It might just be me, but this is one thing the album could use more of, that being middle of the road perfection. It reminds me of Willie Nelson somehow, but with an almost crooner quality. While there are plenty of great tracks here, one that also easily contends for best is Come On Out Tonight, with its jazz and soul influence it is a superb cut that makes the album all it can be along with a few tracks that tend to sound the same. That being all I can place any negative points on. Being familiar with most of his work, it wasn’t hard to enjoy Power Of A Woman.

This release seems to be Masi’s best to date, there is little question of that, but since it’s only one of the three I’ve heard from his five disc catalog, I can’t really say that fully until I’ve heard it all, but I feel safe saying he’s once again outdone himself.

Purchase Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/power-of-a-woman/id920082197

SP Clarke

Score: 8/10