Max Random – Analog Man

Max Random – Analog Man

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I really do like the DIY element to this album. It does get a bit redundant, though. Still, there are things like a great sense of humor and a real punk sensibility that saves this. It’s not a great album, but it’s pretty good.

A folk song, “Godzilla” has a bit of a grunge element to it. It’s funny and fun. I love “Mister D,” too. It’s weird enough to be interesting. “Pessimists Can’t Pretend” doesn’t work as well for me. It’s just a little too long and not interesting enough. Next comes “Lesbian Folk Song” and it is another great song. It is just so much fun. It’s very humorous.

I like “Relativity of Me” a lot. There is a grunge sensibility to it. “Ganja Babe” is a live recording. It is also a fun, bouncy piece. “You Were Cool” doesn’t really work all that well for me. It’s just not different enough from the rest. Plus there isn’t enough humor to make it stand out.

Now, “I’ve Smoked Weed Everywhere” is more like it. It’s a reworking of the Johnny Cash song and it’s funny and fun. It feels like they let the hippies out on “It’s Not Goodbye Forever.” I’m not crazy about this one.

Although “Monster Hash” is silly, I like it. I don’t know what the creators of the original song would think about it being twisted like this, but I think it’s great. There is a real punk edge to “Come on Baby.” It has an almost Violent Femmes type of vibe to it.

Slow, folky music, I don’t really care for the title track. Somehow there is a bit of a punk edge to “Big Dog.” It’s one of the cooler songs here. “Groundhogs Day” is too slow and just not very special. Although “Ballad of Johnny Boone” is kind of folk country music, it has a punk attitude. I like that.


7/10 Stars

– Brian White