Soft Spoken Soul with Matthew Primous

Matthew Primous ReviewMatthew Primous is an R&B singer with a great collection of lyrics up his sleeve. Things start out like the start of a sitcom when it comes to the music of “Give Me Peace.” You could hear the uplifting ways of the construction. The lyrics are on point as well in terms of making one feel at ease. With “All I Ever Need” the intro plays beautifully, each piano key is brings you closer to the song. Here the vocals are a bit stronger than the last song, like they have more soul. We keep the love train going up at a more upbeat pace with “Waiting For Your Love.” At first one would think “I’m Your Brother” is about a sibling but it seems to be a more general term for everyone around you being your fellow brother. It’s clear that Matthew has a big heart. It’s apparent in not only the previous track but all the love he proclaims throughout his music. The only thing a reality singing competition would say to him is that he needs to come out of the gate swinging more in the vocal department. We can hear he can sing, but we want it to be a force to be reckoned with. If you like uplifting soul music, make sure to check out Matthew Primous today. (

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