Jason Wells: The Modern Vintage Movement

jason-wells-the-modern-vintage-movement-reviewJason Wells’ “The Modern Vintage Movement” is a record filled to the rim with blues rock for the fans out there who like that classic sound. “Step And A Stumble” serves up a healthy dose of rock engulfed in blues influence. The soul and heart of the vocals comes through with a bad boy vibe. “A Hold On Me” is great for a bar scene, as it presents the opportunity to get everyone involved either singing along or on the dance floor. One song to suggest for those who like to take things slow is “It May Be Raining.” Here is where that blues influence comes in again, though it’s not as traditional blues as that hearty soul filled kind – it still brings it and moves the listener. “Live Free” is where Wells seems to let loose and let it all out. That’s fitting given the title. The same is to be said of “Way Too Deep.” If you’re one of those people who can’t choose between blues and rock, then take both and check out “The Modern Vintage Movement” by Jason Wells. (https://jasonwells.bandcamp.com/)