JazzElle Makes New Waves

jazzelle reviewSanta Cruz is a beautiful, laid back part of California, but something that adds to it is JazzElle. Her mixture of genres allows her to stand out on her own. “Hey You” has a Madonna “Vogue” feel to it. It’s sang at that same pace but has a more low key musical backbone than the Material Girl’s track. With “Love and Peace” you get a better grasp on what this artist is all about; intertwining electronic, pop and new wave but putting her own twist on it. “Run For Your Life” really captures you. You continue to listen waiting for something to happen. It’s after about two minutes that you notice nothing has been said. You’re more into the fast pace and heavy breathing that’s occurring. After the initial two JazzElle comes through and has a very ’80s pop, New Wave performance. That energy is matched by “Frustrated,” and then we end things on a very danceable track, “Touch Me.” this is the capstone for the batch and a good note to end the review and possibly your night with. It has a sick beat and an odd but captivating way with words. If you’re a fan of the ’80s New Wave scene as well as the early pop days of the ’90s, check out JazzElle today. (http://www.jazz-elle.com/index.php)

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