Float On with Sdipia

sdipia reviewSdipia is a music man who doesn’t have a lot to say but tells a million and one stories. “Hot In Here” has a very worldly sound to it. It incorporates a fast beat with some sort of wind instrument, a flute perhaps? It’s light and fun. With “Alana” you get a Spanish vibe. Right away you are taken away some place south of the border, by the coast. You can just imagine a drink being served as the band plays this one; relaxing yet full of spirit. “Cazy12” has that same feel, only not with the Spanish flare. It does keep you chilled and happy though. The fun just doesn’t stop as we glide into “Give It A Name.” You get lost in it and don’t even try and find your way out. That’s when you know it’s a good song. If you’re a fan of instrumental music that can take you away from reality, check out Sdipia ASAP. (https://soundcloud.com/sdipia)