Kevin J. Simnacher Brings the Easy Rock

Kevin-J-Simnacher-reviewKevin J. Simnacher is Iowa born and has always had a song ready in his heart. “On Our Way to Jupiter” has a wonderful play on words and keeps things light, as “Time Machine” is fun one to get behind. “Air, Fire, Water” pumps up the volume with more of a boost in energy. If that takes it out of you, cool down with “Take Me Back.” This slow song is a necessity to counterbalance the rest. In between the rock and the slow times sits “Time to Rest My Brain.” It’s a perfect song with a mid-tempo mentality. The surprise was the essence of nature with the instrumental gem “Fall Colors.” You could hear the apple cider, the leaves changing, and the brisk chill in the air. All in all Kevin J. Simnacher is a classic rock guy who isn’t about being abrupt but knowing what it takes to produce a track that’ll resonate within one listen. If you’re artists like Dan Fogelberg and Toto, check him out now. (