Mojo Rysin: Mojo Rysin

mojo-rysin-reviewMojo Rysin’s “Mojo Rysin” is a rock record with some pop qualities that will sing to those who enjoy the sounds of yesteryears. “Gimme Sum Luv” has this late night bar, rock n’ roll feel, while “Made in the U.S.A.” almost sounded as if Randy Newman joined a band. Mojo Rysin can even get a little romantic with “Sweet Lady Luv,” and then take it further with a little “Tough Love.” The title track, “Mojo Rysin,” stays on that same path but packs more of a punch in the delivery. There is no other song that stays truer to its given name than “Funk Rock” on this record because it is indeed both funky and rocky. In the end this album plays like that of a man who’s been through some things but has had a good attitude about it all and can convey the positive with songs that are a little rock, a little pop and all around a good time. Make sure to check out Mojo Rysin today. (!music/c199t)