Dmex Blends Some Interesting Sounds

Dmex is an artist from Michigan who puts two and two together to create beats for all aspects of life. “Hello Where The Party At” has this almost mystery about it. It went on and on and was like a video game soundtrack for a NES in the ’90s. “Move to the Beat” has more a club feel of that decade with its faster paced beat. I went into “Music for Your Soul” thinking it’d be more soulful. I’m sure why as Dmex is a house music artist. I did appreciate the claps kept you on pace and never caused for a down moment though. “I Wanna Party” was by far one of the best of the bunch. It just had this fun energy to it that would make you want to keep it going on the dance floor. Gym rats out there may want to adopt “Time to Workout” to their playlists. It’s been a lot of house and dance times with Dmex, but you finally get that R&B fusion with “Time on the Beach.” The pace slows down and almost gives you a since of romance. If you like electronic music with a twist, check out Dmex now. (