Lendon James Makes the World Swoon

lendon-james-reviewLendon James is a crooner from North Carolina who oozes finesse. “Body Party” featuring Glock Styles is ready for the radio. It sounds like something that’d Usher do. You get a a softer touch with “Pieces of a Man” and then even more so with “Plans 4 Us.” You can definitely just chalk Lendon James to being a one of the most romantic experiences of your day. Between those and the one off one that’s not even Lendon James, “Ain’t It (2.0),” this is a wedding soundtrack – honeymoon soundtrack. Lendon’s voice carries that romanticism in it no matter what he sings, whether it’s “Our Own Love Story” or the phone book, this guy could sing the pants off anyone. If you like artists like Usher and Ne-Yo, check out Lendon James ASAP. (https://www.reverbnation.com/LendonJames)