Matt Manning’s Story Time

matt-manning-reviewStories are a part of human nature, as is music…That’s where Matt Manning’s country ways come in. “I’ll Be Loving You” is a sweet song that really captures your romantic side in an instant. His voice carries like a warm hug and each guitar pluck squeezes you a little tighter. “I Need You” follows that same idea. Then you get eased into a calming mood with “Walk This Road.” A story is born with the first note and it’s a heartfelt one through and through. You can hear the country boy as soon as “The Ballad of Billy” comes on. It starts out slow. Rounding it all out is “Where Did the Love Go.” It starts off with a musical essence that does nothing but comfort the heart. Matt Manning is a man with stories to tell and he makes them more intriguing by putting them to song. If you want a musical story time, check him out today.  (