JC & Company Preaches the Good Word

JC & Company ReviewJC & Company is a Christian group spreading the good word. “God Can Do It Again” is a reminder that God can always do things again and it’s done in this kind of folksy way. Then things get sentimental with “I Am Yours.” It’s like a love song to the Lord. Then you get another reminder, well more like a life lesson with “Keep The Faith.” It sounds like a Christian Disney song sung by a sidekick in a weird way. It just has this child like sound to it, almost storybook and magical. Things get a little modern and dance like with “Not A Stranger.” It’s a nice mix up to the usual. We’ll end on a very light note with “Beautiful Day.” It’s just an uplifting track that can only make you smile throughout and long after it’s over and done with. So if you’re a fan of Praise and Worship music and like your Christian music, check out JC & Company. (https://www.reverbnation.com/jccompany)