Lauryl Laureth Offers the Variety Pack

Lauryl Laureth is a Jack of all trades when it comes to sound. “Magnolia” starts out slow and sounds like the saddest thing on earth as you stare out a window onto a ongoing plain. With “Until The End” you really get the feeling that Lauryl Laureth likes to capture the hurt and the sadness of humanity in his music. You can hear the pain in each note. Then things all of a sudden get weird and out of the ordinary and you feel like maybe she’s not a one note person after all thanks to the club track “After You Left Me (You’re Free).” It was an unexpected surprise. We keep it going with him  electronic phase with “Go, Go, Go.” Then we head more towards a modern, adult contemporary mood with the likes of “After Love Has Falling Away.” It’s never a dull moment with Lauryl Laureth because every click brings to life a new genre, a new side of who he is as an artist. So if you’re one of those people who can never pick a favorite kind of music, Lauryl Laureth is the artist for you. (