Joe Berry is back on the circuit

After fours years off Joe Berry is back recording new music. Joe has worked the stage with some of the past biggest stars in country music. The Late Grand Ole Opry star Ernie Ashworth and Joe toured together for abot five years until Ernie passed in 2009. Joe and the band continued for a couple of years until Joe developed some minor health issues. Those issues are now under control. He now considers his music as a hobby and a means of just having fun. He is licensed in Real Estate and enjoys meeting new people many are his fans in music . In 1994 Joe recorded a Don Goodman tune titled “Someday You’ll Look Back that reached 13 on the panel report and Country Song Roundup magazine. Joe said his voice is in the best shape it has been in years . Stay tuned keep a look out for Joe to come to a town near you .