Joel Tuttle Takes You Places

Joel Tuttle ReviewJoel Tuttle makes music that is void of lyrics, but not heart. “Sattle Raiker” is where this journey of sound starts off and what it is giving is a sci-fi meets Southwest feel – like this could be used in a western that takes place in a galaxy far, far away. With “Knob Nailer” you sort of get lost in the trance of it all while “Stir Cycle” takes you out of it and straight into a dance club in the ’80s. The beat pumps the whole way through and it stays pretty consistent. As we move along and into “Spackel Porpi” things take a bit of a funky turn, in a good way. What I like about this one is that you feel like you always have to be moving as the beat never allows any rest time. When it comes to making music that takes you places, Joel Tuttle knows what he’s doing. If you’re into instrumental beats, check him out today. (