Joey Zazalino Stays True To Himself With Debut EP

New R&B Album Out Now


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – January 31, 2020 – Joey Zazalino is taking his career to new heights with the release of his debut EP, ‘True to Myself.’

Born into a musical family, Joey Zazalino got his start young but in another realm; radio. For years he’s been known on the airwaves as Joey Zaza, even hosting a few television events over the years. Now he’s ready to be on the other side of the mic as the artist. Taking a chance and making big moves, Joey Zazalino is ready for the world to get to know him as a bonafide R&B artist.

‘True to Myself’ features half a dozen tracks, each as pure as the last. From “Love Not War” to “Come With Me,” Joey Zazalino delivers contemporary R&B to the masses and does so with the love his parents passed on to him as the album is dedicated to them. He lost them recently, just 35 years and one day apart from one another. Inspired by their love, their dedication and their heart – he creates with them in mind; always.

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Radio fans as Joey Zaza but soon enough they’ll know him as Joey Zazalino, the latest artist holding it down in the R&B realm with his debut EP, ‘True to Myself.’

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