John Bosco Presents New Single “Lie To Me”

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Darien, Illinois – December 23, 2019 – Having lived around the world and then some, John Bosco came up with a varied love of music, in the end, it’s culminated in a sound that touches a multitude of bases – each resulting in a home run with his latest single, “Lie To Me.”

“Lie To Me” is both catchy and captivating all at the same time. With reggae undertones that transport one to the island intertwined with Afrobeats and modern pop, it’s a song meant for mainstream audiences. Fans who love everyone from Travis Scott to Justin Bieber will appreciate the marriage of genres found within the confines of John Bosco’s most recent release.

Growing up in Ghana, John Bosco was inspired by Afrobeats and hop pop early on, but when he started making his own music he noticed his love and talent for a more melodic approach. He notes, “As I got older, I wanted to stand out uniquely. So I combined my favorite genres (hip pop and Afrobeats) to create something different.”

Both the single and the video for “Lie To Me” are available now. Those interested in adding new music to their hip hop or pop playlists, featuring the video on their site, or interviewing John Bosco can reach out via the information provided below.

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John Bosco took a lifetime of calling various places on the globe home, his upbringing, and a chill factor to the table to create his latest single, “Lie To Me,” featuring Walt Jackson.

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