Johnny Bodley Teaches Us All With Music

Johnny Bodley Teaches Us All With MusicJohnny Bodley is a singer/songwriter from Selma, Alabama who likes for his listeners to learn a lesson about life whenever they tune into his music. He takes the Lord and runs with it musically to make these lessons. “So Into You” is a love song that’s slow and sweet. It’s like melting chocolate. It’s not about the kind of love that’s new either; it’s about the love that stands the test of time. Then Bodley gets into his faith when he starts up “Last Days” with a monologue that’s a must-not-miss. The pace of the song has a gospel feel to it that will make listeners sway. Another monologue starts “Your Number” that will resonate with anyone who’s lived with an addiction. It’s a positive reminder that you’re never out of the race called life, you just hit a snag. What would you do if your loved one has only 48 hours to live? Bodley approaches that idea in the aptly titled “48 Hours.” You can hear his R&B influence in “Old Time Way.” If you are into gospel music that teaches a lesson along the way, check out Johnny Bodley. (