Danny Hughes Makes the 80s Modern

Danny Hughes is a R&B artist from Saint Louis, Missouri who sounds heavily influenced by one of the greats and by a decade that was heavy in music that made people want to move. “Rock Me” smooth R&B that has some energy to it that makes it easier to move to. You can hear a hint of Michael Jackson in the influence of this track. The way the lyrics dance from the speakers into listeners ears is enjoyable with each note. Speaking of Jackson, Hughes really takes on an 80’s sound with “Sally Suzie.” The beat is never met with lyrics, but the music stands on its own and paints a picture of day-glow and Aquanet hair. That’s the same picture you envision with “Dirty Dirty.” That decade continues to be delivered from Hughes as this song’s clean lines continue to make you feel dirty, in the best way possible. (https://www.sonicbids.com/2/EPK/?epk_id=268185#bio)