Abhinav Narain Makes Music Speak Loud

Abhinav Narain Makes Music Speak LoudAbhinav Narain is a musical purist who likes to showcase sound in a new light, especially on his album “Elemental.” “Ghosts on the Current” is the kind of music you’d play in the background of a sci-fi movie scene. There are no words, but it sets up the mood to be somewhere between serene and intense. “Quantum Euphenmisms” is like the first in that there are no words. Abhinav Narain likes to create a world with sound; in this case he created one that sounds like something Sheldon Cooper would choose as his favorite song. “In the Seasons” sounds like the musical cousin of “Mad World.” They both create an audible environment that leaves you on edge. Speaking of on edge, “Spore of Continuum” does the same thing. If you’re one of those sci-fi fanatics who love every aspect of those movies and television shows down to the music that plays within them, then you will want to check out the music Abhinav Narain has going on with his album “Elemental,” out now. (https://www.behance.net/ANarain)