Lil Charles Allen Has a Ghost Writing Plan

Lil Charles Allen is a man who wants to be a ghostwriter. If you’re looking for someone to write you an R&B song that’s intertwined with soul and hip hop, keep on reading. “That Girl” has a 70’s soul start and then takes a step into the here and now while still relying on that soul spine of the song. Just in time for the holidays though is “Santa Is Real” which starts with an slight sight of autotune, you think it’ll stop but that continues the whole way through. It’s like if T-Pain took on the role of Christmas spirit. Christmas got remixed for the R&B lovers out there. Let’s stick with the holidays and talk about “Money Ain’t Everything” and remember that as we head into that time of year when immense spending is popular. Okay, now to talk about the rest of the songs that are more fitting for any time of the year. “Word Up Black People” sounded muffled amidst the autotune, while “Make It Funky” was a little clearer. It’s definitely funky though. One of the best songs to come from Lil Charles Allen though is “The World Is More Than A Stage.” He takes on Shakespeare’s famous saying and this one shows off his voice the most. He should do that more often. If you’re a fan of music that mixes R&B, hip hop and soul then check out Lil Charles Allen. (