Ultimate Ovation Singers Keeps the 70s Alive

Ultimate Ovation Singers are an immaculate group of artists who came together in the 70’s, and you can hear that decade’s influence loud and clear throughout the music they continue to create today. “Heart & Soul,” the title explains it all. It encompasses both heart and soul equally and distinctly. It’s a reminder of the truest form of R&B and soul music. That same goes with “Baby Girl,” which has a little bit of a lighter feel than the other. It’s more on the pop side of R&B. It wouldn’t be a review in December without a little holiday joy, right? Ultimate Ovation Singers give you that with “It’s Christmas.” It’s a throwback to the 70’s R&B with its groove and demeanor. The same goes with “They Ask Me,” which is a good storyteller track. Things take a modern turn when “Bling Bling” comes into play. That’s not a term you would’ve heard in the earlier times. If you’re into soul from the 70’s and wish it’d come back, then check out Ultimate Ovation Singers. (https://www.reverbnation.com/ultimateovationsingers)