Johnny Mo’s Tribute to “African American Women” Delivers Heart All-Around 

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Stockbridge, Georgia – February 27, 2020 – Johnny Mo wanted to do something that uplifted and encouraged African American women around the world. With that, he penned and delivered his latest single rightfully titled, “African American Women.” 

“African American Women” takes Johnny Mo’s signature gospel sounds and sprinkles just enough R&B and jazz throughout to give it a final sound that invigorates all who hear. Knowing just how important African American women are in this world, he felt they needed a song all their own to not only inspire them but to showcase his appreciation towards them. 

He notes, “See you are my Mother, my sister, my aunt, my cousin, my daughters, my granddaughters, my rib,” adding, “This is a song of personal redemption for me as a black man. For I ask every black woman I transgressed against to find it in your heart to forgive me. My relationship with Jesus Christ has made me a better man, father, grandfather, and friend.” 

In the fall of 2002, Johnny Mo realized he needed something more in his life. With that, he started singing gospel music and started his journey via Johnny Mo’s Gospel Music Ministry. A year later saw the release of his debut, ‘A New Direction.’ Since then he’s dropped another album, performed his gospel all over, and even appeared on radio and cable TV ministries including Bobby Jones New Gospel Artist Showcase, Bobby Hurd Show, One Step of Faith, Broken Pieces, and Under The Light. 

“I love the video and the song. The words were simple yet profound…each of us simply wants to be appreciated for who we are. The fact that a black man is saying it in such a strong, supportive and loving way made me feel like I had an extra burst of wind beneath my wings. I really like the different images of black women presented in different ages, colors, and sizes…showing our complexity is beautiful. Great job Johnny Mo.” – Sonja Jones 

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Johnny Mo is celebrating is blending his signature gospel ways with hints of R&B and jazz on his latest homage and single, “African American Women.” 

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