Grooves Plus Guitar Equals Addiction

Bartlesville, Oklahoma — Friday, February 21st, 2020 — Kevin A Knowles IS every facet of his music.  His heart goes into every instrument. The listener’s heart feels every beat.

Kevin Knowles loves the instrument work of Jazz and the grooves of ’80s and ’90s Urban music.  His arrangements are geared to pair the two in a fun, listenable way.  Four of his albums are available through online retailers and on Spotify.

Kevin says of himself, “I play because I love to share what I hear in my head.”  Perhaps, he just wants his music in our heads.

Kevin A Knowles has another album release as of February 19th, 2020.  To date, the albums: Plans; Kevin; Day By Day; Dusk Or Dawn; and What I Do are all available for listening.

Kevin A Knowles IS his own brand of Smooth Jazz for all listeners.  After all, Jazz was originally intended to make music fun and up-to-date.

Just like the song, Paradigm, Kevin’s goal is to change your mind for Smooth Jazz and Kevin A Knowles.





Kevin Knowles started playing guitar at age 3.  While in high school, his band teacher encouraged him to play Jazz, and in public venues.  That got Kevin hooked on sharing his music.



Kevin A Knowles
Kevin A Knowles
3800 Wayside, Bartlesville, OK

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