Jokatech Trump the Competition

Jokatech ReviewJokatech is never far from his trumpet and creates a mixture of sounds with it. When “Workin on Something” it sounds like it is the start of The Cosby Show or something but then it takes on a more metropolitan, nightlife feel. With “Magnum Opus” you get an industrial vibe with the beats and sounds. It’s like you took a high school band and gave them a dark edge. That industrial feel continues on with “Tech it Too Far” only it’s more ’80s sci-fi. We step away from all that and more into a lounge setting with “J.OK.” It’s more similar to where we started things with Jokatech. As we wind down, he just keeps it going with more laid back tunes like “On Air” and then go out with a very easy going one, “The World is Not Ready.” Unlike many of the others this one has distinctive vocals the whole way through. If you’re a fan of instrumental music and jazz, check out Jokatech. (