Jonathan Bannon Maher

Jonathan Bannon Maher “The Fallout of Love”


Multi-instrumentalist Jonathan Bannon Maher is a man who wears many different hats. One might find it hard to believe, but this prolific auteur ran an independent campaign for the senate when he was 29 years old!  In addition to that he has written two books as well as a number of articles including “How to Find Weeds in a Mortgage Pool” which was published in the New York Times.  It would seem that there isn’t anything JBM can’t accomplish whenever he sets about doing it; case in point, his latest single “The Fallout of Love.”

With an interesting background of musical influences including The Goo Goo Dolls, Lifehouse, Cold Play and The Foo Fighters just to name a few, this song is an eclectic amalgamation of a heartfelt, orchestral movie score all gussied up by the healing wavelengths of adult contemporary radio and soulful singer/songwriter fare.  Making up the backbone of this composition, Bannon’s strong yet subdued vocal performance flows gorgeously in tandem with melodic keyboards, an elegantly strummed acoustic guitar and a rhythm section that favors style over too much substance.

The lyrics are poignant and the songwriting reminds one fondly of The Goo Goo Dolls megahit “Iris” from the City of Angels soundtrack.  Verses ebb gently like ripples of a pond until the chorus rises up into a masterful chorus profoundly touching on the pain of love lost, “I find the colors of the summer, are falling faster when you were gone, and I don’t know why, the fallout of love…”  Violin is integrated into the hearty stew of accoutrements, placing a regal crown upon a song that is practically made for slow dancing hand-in-hand with the one you adore.  If we were back in the 90s, you wouldn’t be able to get near a radio without hearing this song.  It so carefully recalls a time where FM music had a bit of class in its presentation.

Already generating a buzz on TuneCore and GarageBand, Jonathan has truly struck a chord with this song.  He has written other songs meant to enhance and uplift the mind as well, but it is without a doubt that “The Fallout of Love” is his finest hour.  He has the sweetness and gentleness that’s been missing from music since the late 90s; a quality that has been more and more missed as we get further into the 2000s. Repeat listens will only bring more excitement and bewilderment over the artist’s many splendored talents.


Robert E. Fulford

Rating: 8/10