Josh & Larkin: Josh & Larkin

josh-and-larkin-reviewIf you’re like music that’s easy on the ears and has a jazzy feel, then Josh & Larkin’s self-titled album is right up your alley “Mr. Jonesin'” really sets the bar for the rest of the record. It’s straightforward to the point of the subject of the song. I didn’t expect it to be about wanting someone in that way, but it was relatable and cool. Not like Justin Timberlake’s but Josh and Larkin’s “Cry Me a River” has a more classic sound to it, rather than pop Top 40. You’ll definitely want to stay inside with this “Rainy Day,” dancing along to “Cheek to Cheek.” Every song from Josh and Larkin is a delight. They have a sweet jazz sound that is very light and airy. At times you’ll hear a little Norah Jones, but overall it’s all Josh & Larkin, so check out “Josh & Larkin” today. (