Terry Mitchell’s Trusty Guitar

terry-mitchell-reviewTerry Mitchell is a master at his guitar craft. Being a guitar man, it’s no surprise what was unwrapped when diving into his sounds. “Mine/Her Dance” was this mid-tempo track that had a sense of romance to it, but then “Fanfare For Fusco” really stepped it up and you got a feel for the heart of Mitchell’s music. “Blue I” was a quick trip to “The Dance,” a slow dance that didn’t cause much movement. Then you get a cover of one of the sweetest and inspirational songs out there, “Somewhere Over The Rainbow.” Anyone who’s heard the original can pinpoint it when it starts. He then pulls it back to his own things with the soothing ways of “Gentle Song” the southern sounding “Watermelon.” If you’re instrument of choice is the guitar, make sure to check out Terry Mitchell before your day is done. (https://www.tmguitar.com/)