Steve Roberts’ Treasured Hearts

steve-roberts-reviewSteve Roberts’ music is a step above your typical singer/songwriter. “Treasured Hearts” has a nice sound to it that really gets you from the start and holds you close. It’s like a warm embrace, just like “I Am the Rain.” Then he gets a little philosophical with “It It Only a Game?” and a little out there with “Even If.” That one didn’t sound as strong as the rest. Then he picks it back up with the sentimental “Jane’s Song” and the very strong “Fallen Star (For Columbia).” You get a sense of what Steve’s all about – he’s a guy who sees things, and reports back in the form of song. He’s more than your local coffee shop singer/songwriter. He definitely adds a little more to his music and it’s to be appreciated. So make sure to make some time for Steve Roberts and all he has to offer today. (