Oleg Frish – Duets With My American Idols

Oleg Frish – Duets With My American Idols


This album of Oleg Fish is one of those set that you would love to listen to on a relaxing Sunday afternoon. Growing up with my grandfather with good classic songs, this album gives me a nostalgic experience. To give justice to this album, I intend to provide a per song review.

Sunny – Classic music is really the best. The song “Sunny” is like music coming out from a good old juke box. It another good groovy song that will bring yesterday’s happiness back to the present just like what the lyrics suggest. The beat has a hint of salsa beats that can make you dance for a while.

Bagel and Lox – This song made me hungry from first to finish. It sings about food, eggs, and bagels! It is pretty funny and brings up a good vibe. This song is commendable for using very few words and still make it upbeat and funny.

Dancing on the Ceiling – For a moment in the intro, I kind of remembered the intro music of the “Friends” series. Another feel good song that would definitely make you stomp your feet listening to it or maybe dance way up to the ceiling…or not?

The Things We Did Last Summer – Quite a sad song. It was about a great love turned sour, but the beats of the song compensates for the songs lonely words.

Till There Was You – One of my all-time favorites sang in a very romantic tone. This song would usually make me feel sad but it was really nice hearing it the Oleg Frish way.

Volare – Another all-time favorite. It is originally a song to dance to, this one still is but with a hint of romance and love. I really liked this version.

What a Difference a Day Makes – Sung in Spanish then later in English, it reminds me of the song “Quando Quando”. It is an easy to listen song, and gets the good vibes on a sumptuous dinner for two.

Day by Day – Another good classic. I really love this song because it is very optimistic. I like how one perceived living a love day by day throughout the years. This really brings back the good old song memories.

You’re Nobody Til’ Somebody Loves You – Jazz it up with this music. The lyrics are very simple, yet upbeat and the arrangement was sleek!

Hello, Dolly! – A song for Dolly from a man who desires her the most. This song makes me question, why don’t we have this kind of music nowadays? The beat is pretty easy to catch up with. I have been humming the tune since I was listening to it.

When You’re Smiling – is a feel good song, about how a smile can bring joy to someone else’s life. The beat is superb and makes you snap your fingers to get on with the beat.

A Fine Romance – is quite a slow jazz but the voice of singers are more for Broadway.

The Way You Look Tonight – Compared to the original version of this song, this version is far more upbeat and catchy. I really liked this style. It is pleasing to the ear, and gives out good vibes. There was even a cute giggle that brings out authenticity in this version.

On the Sunny Side of the Street – another genius rendition of the original. REMOVE (Nice song to end this album.)

What I liked about this album is that the tunes are of the same range, so it is not hard to listen and the transition is shift. I recommend this to people who are missing the good old classic songs. The list of songs in this album won’t require you to jump from one song to another because each song is lovable. The arrangement of songs of its beat and the song’s list are perfect. Great for summer barbeques outside the yard with family and friends or with that significant other.

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Review by Crystal Ross Jimeno