Mason James From Heartfelt to Dolphins

Mason James is a rocker with a heart who tells stories that are as normal as a sunrise, but can be as spectacular as a Bigfoot sighting. “Going Home” is a nice guitar driven song about heading where you came from, and telling someone not to be sad about it. James lets his guitar do a lot of the talking, so it’s more like a duet when you think about it as you listen to “Human Placebo Embryo Toy.” The guitar is the base and James is the wild ingredient that makes things pop. Things get taken back down a notch with the endearing words of “Kya.” It’s a roller coaster with this music man as “Wow” is able to capture attentions with no words; just guitar infused rock and roll. First there was the one about embryos and then “Secret Dolphin.” James is definitely a guy who reaches for the eccentric side of life when making music. If you’re into artists who tell stories through an array of styles and emotions, make sure to check out Mason James. (