Bongo Boy TV Music Video On Television | Season 5 Episode 1078 “MUSIC IS ON” – Review by The Gypsy Poet

Bongo Boy Rock N’ Roll TV Show Presents Indie Music Video From Around The World Episode 1078 “MUSIC IS ON”

The Bongo Boy Rock N’ Roll TV Show is proud to present the latest episode in their Rock N’ Roll TV Show series, “MUSIC IS ON”, bringing the audience 7 talented independent artists in 1 special ½ hour TV show. This Bongo Boy TV produced episode premiered Tuesday, 29thh March 2016 in Portland, OR on Channel 29 at 10:30 pm with rotation repeated for 2 weeks on all channels in the Bongo Boy TV National Region. For a complete broadcast schedule, please visit

PRE REVIEW by Sophia The Gypsy Poet | San Antonio, Texas.

New from The Hague, The Netherlands Voglare and the latest music video “Torque It Up”.

Volgare’s “Torque It Up” is a song that’s got a fun vibe with a melody that is catchy and fresh. Worth movin’ your body to!


From season 2nd of Bongo Boy TV series comes original from the Jersey Shore now residing in Arizona, Grammy Nominated recording artist Linda Chorney and featuring Richard Blackwell and their fun music video “ Do It When You Can”. Linda Chorney Featuring Richard Blackwell “Do It While You Can” is one song you’d fall in love with! I know I did! With the old school jazz feel like Ella Fitzgerald  and Eartha Kitt, This is my kind of vibe! This belongs in the songs from the Great American Songbook! I’m a-dancing!! I am totally in love!

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Also from Season Two Franco and the Dreadnought and their music video “Last Man Standing” from Manchester, the UK. The song is also featured on Bongo Boy Records Compilations Volume One.

Franco and the Dreadnought and their music video “Last Man Standing” emotions run wild with this one! It is a substantial listen and its flow is so moving! The lyrics are deep and run in my veins like water! This is good because it has a great message! Worth every note of the song!

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From Season three from Russia Mumiy Troll and the music video “Swimming With The Shark” .

Mumiy Troll’s Swimming with Sharks gives Russia something to be proud of! It is a synthesized sound with a rock fusion that is mysterious and intriguing and it flows well and the genres mesh very well together. The song, with video is filled with artistry and a sound that goes back to Andy Warhol, reminiscing of Pop Art. Overall, fun and wonderful!


From Season Four and Grammy ballot accepted music video “Camera” by Veronika.

Veronika’s Camera is a look at Big Brother in a heavily lyrical way. When George Orwell wrote the book, 1984 he gave us a vision of what life would be like with cameras watching everywhere. Veronika does just that in this video! She brings Orwell’s vision to life! The song itself brings back an industrial sound that has been missing for years! With the fusion of melody and harmony mixed with Electro and industrial punk, this song brings back a vibe that has been missing from the art and music scenes for decades! Bjork, move over! Veronika shows us how it’s done and takes it a step further!


Also from Season Four Bongo Boy Records artist Inches From Sin and their music video “Raised In The Hills”.

Inches from Sin’s  “Raised In The Hills” is a fun country/folk song that makes you want to dance! It’s a story song with lots of twists and turns! Their name fits their style! They do not hesitate to experiment with various instrumentation and they push boundaries and they have fun doing it! Inches From Sin’s name is truly well-deserved!


And from Season Four Jann Klose and his music video “Make It Better” the song is also featured on Bongo Boy Records Compilations Volume Three.

Jann Klose’s “Make It Better” is reminiscent of the 90s folk sound that is surely missed and he has a style on his own. He makes some very significant points about pushing boundaries and making life better for ourselves and the rest of the world. Feeding the hungry and erasing the hate! Seriously, this guy has a great message and it is contagious! I anticipate more from Mr Klose! A gift to music and a gift to the world! WOW! A phenomenal voice and a great songwriter! KUDOS! I like him!!


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