JPLovesIt Is Your Woman

jplovesit reviewThere’s one type of music that never fails to make fans swoon and that’s some good R&B and that’s just what JPLovesIt is delivering. “I Am Your Woman” reminds me of ‘90s R&B as it was coming into the new millennium. It has this great rasp to it, but makes you want to move. It’s like Brandy meets Ciara. With “Why So Serious” the music helps the lyrics glide from side to side and through the listener’s ears with ease. Speaking of ease, “Don’t Let Me Fall” starts out with a lot of runs that are full of soul. It sounds like a singer’s vocal warm up exercise cranked up to a uber professional level. Then she gets into it and you get that same level of talent. Shining the light on “Spotlight,”things lighten up a bit. The music offers up a brighter feel than the other tracks. It still maintains that smooth R&B flare though. Lastly, “H&TD” allows us to end on an interesting note. It has a more hip hop feel than the others and gives us a new way to look at the artist. If you’re a fan of R&B divas like Brandy and Jhene Aiko, check out JPLovesIt now. (