SK Beats: Slappin’ All Day Mixtape Vol. 1.

SK Beats ReviewWith a name like SK Beats you’re either going to get a beat maker or an emcee. We got the first with SK’s “Slappin’ All Day Mixtape Vol. 1.” NBC just had a show called “The Slap,” and they missed out on having “Slap” as their theme song. It’s simple and not flooded with lyrics, but rather has this omnipresent voice that comes across like something out of “1984.” With “Cruisin’” we get another beat, but this one is less Big Brother feeling than the last. Here we have a little light, even though that eerie voice is still there. When you see the title “Going to Space,” you expect it to deliver some sci-fi vibes, and this one sort of does. It sounds like you’d hear it while stranded in an intergalactic jungle – in that it sounds other worldly, but natural at the same time. We head back to ‘84 with “Watch Out.” All in all, when it comes to making beats – that’s what SK Beats knows. It’s in the name, so don’t get it twisted. Whether you’re here on earth or out there, SK has you covered, so check it. (