Kaydean Mantock Shows She Has No “Regrets” With New Single 

Kaydean Mantock Shows She Has No “Regrets” With New Single 

New R&B Single Available Now 


Toronto, Ontario – April 24, 2020 – Kaydean Mantock got her professional start in her native Jamaica a decade ago after a fateful meeting with a local producer. She laid her roots in reggae, and over the years has been able to seamlessly transition into R&B and showcase her vocal versatility with her newest single from Jafrica Records, “Regrets.” 

Emotionally raw, Kaydean Mantock wears her heart on her sleeve and her harmonious delivery throughout “Regrets.” Touching every step of the way, this song is as beautifully sound lyrically as it is musically. Well performed from the press of play, it’s one of those songs fans will never tire of hearing whether it’s in the comfort of their own home, or after seeing Kaydean Mantock countless times live. It’s a classic addition to the R&B realm and a gift to music as a whole.

Like many artists with soulful voices, Kaydean Mantock got her start singing in the church choir. Once in high school, her talents were easily recognized by others. From there she found herself leading bands, participating in choirs, and entering herself in local contests. Then one day, years later, she was at the Queste Recording Studio. Reggae’s own Chicken Chest came in looking for a harmony singer, and it wasn’t long after that he wanted to work with her and introduced her to his team at Jafrica Records. She worked on her own reggae music soon after but is now looking to spread her creative wings and take on a new genre: R&B.

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For more information on Kaydean Mantock, please visit: https://jafricarecords.godaddysites.com/kaydean-mantock 


Kaydean Mantock is a versatile vocalist who has managed to prove herself in the world of reggae, and will soon do the same with her latest R&B single, “Regrets.” 

Kaydean Mantock
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Record Label: https://jafricarecords.godaddysites.com/
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