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Apple Valley, California — Wednesday, July 31st, 2019 — Kenny Tomlin aka Ken Ken is a Singer, Songwriter, Producer, and Bass Player. He was born and raised in St. Louis, Mo. Kenny started writing songs about 38 years ago when he was 20 years old. People can relate to the messages of his songs. Kenny’s ability as a Singer and Bass player has put him on the radar of many top artists.

His talents have enabled him to perform with the likes of The Bus Boys, The Emotions, Shanice Wilson, George Johnson of the Brothers Johnson, just to name a few. Kenny is now spreading his wings and releasing his own music. From his Gospel Songs to his R&B Songs, each one has a true and positive message. His music speaks to the Heart and Soul.

Songs that are fan favorites are We Betta Than Nis, Feelin’ Good Right Now, Never Put Your Hands On A Woman, Thank You, Lord, Help Who You Can and many, many more. Planaradio said they need more artists like Kenny Tomlin. One fan that truly loves my music said: “He not just singing about nothing, he’s got words of wisdom for your world”. I write and sing from my heart and I want my music to help everyone that it touches.

Kenny Tomlin has released the following Albums and Singles that are Streaming and Available on all major Digital Stores: We Betta Than Nis ~ Single (Which is also his #1 song and fan favorite), Feelin’ Good Right Now ~ R&B Album, I Wanna Be Ready ~ Gospel Album,  Compassion ~ R&B Album, St Louis ~ R&B Single. More music will be coming soon.

Kenny Tomlin was also featured as Indie Artist of the Month for Grown Folks Radio Entertainment Everyday Talk With Carmen and Kevin, March 2019. This Indie Artist is on his way to greater things.

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Kenny Tomlin is a Singer, Songwriter, Bass Player and Producer. He continues to perform throughout Southern California, Las Vegas, Nevada and St Louis, Missouri while working on new music in the studio. Kenny Tomlin’s music is Music From The Heart and Soul.



Kenny Tomlin

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