Kevin Kull: Years in the Making

Kevin Kull ReviewAlmost two decades ago Kevin Kull released an album that could be compared to something James Taylor would’ve dropped back in the day. With a folk spirit flowing within the confines, we present “Years in the Making.” Kull opens up with a sentimental but light sounding “In Between the Tears.” He tells a story as most folk artists do and it puts listeners right there in the middle of everything. He picks up the energy with “Don’t Worry Elvis,” while getting heartfelt with “God Bless the Wandering Souls.” What’s to be said about Kull is that he knows how to compile a good mix of tracks and he’s done it here because for every sad song, there’s an upbeat ditty like “Another Love Gone Bad.” If you’re a fan of folk or even country for that matter, check out Kevin Kull’s “Years in the Making,” out now and available on CD Baby. (