Kim Vogels – Native

Kim Vogels – Native

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An album that takes a few back roads, the ones that twist and turn, dusty, rocky, and cause the stingy drops of sweat to roll down your dirty gritty face and into your eyes as the music of actor/musician/songwriter Kim Vogels pulsates with the chill of story telling down your spine. A powerful vocal voice that haunts the spirit and makes the soul wrestle as the blend of Kim Vogels heritage bring together a depth of multiple cultural regions and twists them into a complete story, as each song encapsulates its very own story line to tell, all while your mind comes under her spell.

A creative spirit resonates throughout this album, Native, by Kim Vogels. Even though each track seems to hold its own complete story… the album takes all of the completed stories and presents them into a film. There is a metaphysical experience when Vogels takes control. It is not so much that Vogels vocals are ones that knocks you flat back, it is what she does with them that haunts you. Her voice is the dripping honey of pure seduction.

Having traveled all over the world, and born in Amsterdam, the Vogels family are all a great mix of creatives. Kim Vogels artistic journey began as a classical and jazz cellist at the young age of just five years old! As she grew up and experienced drama theatre in London and had her studies lead her in London to the performance arts, and experimental theater you can sense her blending of all these puzzle pieces as she has so rightly placed them all together in this captivating ‘world folk’ style album. Her eventual travels over to New York City and her attending The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute lead her to eventually meet musician and producer Cass Dillon and together they created her debut EP, Native.

What is so remarkable is how easy this story telling mixture of a variety of cultures came together to create a raw energy that resounds the definition of artists. Kim Vogels broad brush strokes of musical and dramatic influences blend together Flamenco, Klezmer, Celtic, early Persian, Gypsy, Native American, Folk & Blues, each sound resonates its own distinct nature but Kim Vogels has the magic of infusing these free spirited influences and in true bohemian dream land… Kim Vogels debuts her EP, is the the holy land of the world melded blissfully and sweetly in the arms of time. Her sound is so powerfully unique to behold and through her voice you get a glimpse deep into the whole world in a singular moment of time.

Credits: Jonathan Gill (Drums), Parker McAllister (Bass), Cass Dillon (Guitar, Vocals), Zach Goodman (Harmonica, Keys, accordion ), Zac Taylor (Mandolin, Banjo, Guitar), Jason Hochman (Flamenco Guitar)

Adam Abresch (Trumpet, Flugel Horn). Billy Joe Kiessling (Violin), Ryan Rickenbach (Harmonica, Vocals), Hallie Wage (Vocals), Kim Vogels (Vocals, Guitar, Cello) Mixing and Mastering by Gerry Comito.


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