Landcapes from Within


My name is Pedro Elias and I’m a indie piano composer from Portugal that recently released a new album called Landscapes from Within. Although I have my own style, the music I made can be compared to composers like Ludovico Einaudi, Yann Tiersen, Philip Glass and others.

I was wondering if you would be interested in review my album.

I’m sending some links for you.

Thanks for listening and I hope to hear from you.
Pedro Elias
ALBUM LINK (you can ear all musics):



PRESS RELEASE: Landscapes from Within is what they are indeed, inner landscapes unfolding as backgrounds ever emptied of narrative constructs, but remaining as canvases over which everyone can paint their own stories, revealing, through feeling, parts of an identity that is theirs and in which they can let themselves go, unveiling traits coming from their Innermost Being.

As landscapes, each music is identified only by its number, since any given name would start a narrative construct that cannot exist in this work, as it would be an interference in the dialogue between the listener and their own Soul.

The result of this experience is unique and individual, and the stories created through feeling of those who let themselves go will be exclusive to these Souls, revealing a little more of the true face hidden, but ever Present, behind the civilization mask.

Are you ready for this journey?