LA’s One to Watch: Anna Schulze

Anna Schulze ReviewLos Angeles has a plentitude of artists out here trying to make their presence known, but one singer-songwriter standing a little taller than most is Anna Schulze. An import from Minneapolis, she came out here and with her was a bag of songs in her back pocket. “Closer” is like a cleaned up Liz Phair. There’s a little Katy Rose tossed into what she delivers as well as she dives into “Don’t You Fade Away.” All of these tracks and more can be found on “Pickford Market.” It’s an album constructed from the mind of a 20-something woman living in a new place, making new friends who you can hear on the record. While her plugged in tracks are great like “Closer,” there are layers to uncover as you dive deeper in this market. With that, “Out Here” is a familiar sound for those who’ve walked through the 3rd Street Promenade out in Santa Monica where talented hopefuls sing with their heart, because they often have a lot of it to give. The same goes for “L.A. Let Me Go.” There’s a vulnerability to Anna’s being when stripped down, but a power to her presence with plugged in. The balance comes when you take in the album as a whole. If you’re a fan of that tuned in guitar strapped onto a singer-songwriter deal, check Anna out and make sure to catch her at Hotel Cafe when she’s there on May 15. (