Life Coach Releases Songs to Help People Through Music

Cardiff, United Kingdom — Tuesday, February 19th, 2019 — Life coach and songwriter, Adam Print, has taken his own personal experience and insight into the support people need to overcome their barriers, for his debut music releases. Focusing on two common experiences and the feelings that come with them, the songs journey through empowerment and the aftermath of a break-up.

Adam has released two stripped down piano/vocal, pop/musical crossovers to connect with audience experiences. Siren speaks to anyone who has ever had to suppress themselves, struggled to find their voice or had to shout to be heard. I Can’t Break depicts the delicate survival people go through during a break-up and the highs and lows that come with it. The songs are now available to download or stream, along with live performances to view on YouTube.

The songs were originally written for an evening of new songs to celebrate the female voice, performed at the Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff, UK and were well received by the audience. Adam collaborated with the talented actor/singer, Melanie Stevens and said: “it was a privilege to collaborate with Mel, she is an inspiration and interpreted the songs beautifully”.  Melanie cited that was an “absolute pleasure” to work on the tracks and audience members reacted with “so emotional and beautiful”, “they really ring some home truths”, “made me cry” and “stunning”. I Can’t Break has since made it to the Regional Finals of the Future Music Songwriting Contest.

To create the music and lyrics, Adam focused on his own suppression as a gay teenager in the 90s, personal break up experience and the coaching he has done to help empower people who were working through suppression and relationship breakdowns.

Adam strives to connect with audience experiences and is looking forward to furthering collaboration with singers and debut live shows with Melanie.

Siren and I Can’t Break (feat. Melanie Stevens) by Adam Print are out now. Check out Adam’s latest newsletter for more information and all the links for downloads, streams and live performances.


Adam Print creates songs in collaboration with singers and other songwriters to take others on a journey. He has been writing for over 20 years and is influenced by pop, dance, jazz, and musical theatre. For more information visit Adam Print Music’s News Page.



Adam Print
Cardiff, UK

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