Darrem Vegas, Former Head Producer For Death Row Records Releases Debut LP With Motor Mouth

Los Angeles, CA — Saturday, March 16th, 2019 — On February 12, 2019, Los Angeles based rapper Motor Mouth released his debut Studio LP “I Always Rise” produced by none other than Darren Vegas (Multi-Platinum and former Head Producer of Suge Knights Death Row Records).

Songs like “Back In The Day feat. Marissa Delmonico” are receiving a great response and even KISS FM is playing this track in parts of the country.

This US Army Infantry (and Iraq War Veteran) is marketable, talented, well spoken, and exactly what the hip hop scene has been looking for.

While every desk in the music industry is stockpiled with new artists demo’s and press kits, Motor Mouth is one that stands out above all others and consistently receives the attention it deserves.  Currently, he has already been featured in well over 100 of the nation’s hottest hip hop blogs, radio stations, and news articles and that number continues to grow on a daily basis.

Nobody wants to be in the unknown and nobody wants to be left behind when it comes to the next big thing.

As previously noted, this Artists debut Studio LP “I Always Rise”, has already been released and can be found on all major music platforms.

“Motor Mouth has perfectly placed nostalgia between electronic synths and boom-bap beats.” WU-World.com

“Tupac once said ‘I won’t be the one to change the world but I will affect the one who does’, it sounds like you’re on track for that” – BMS Radio Chicago

“Between my mother dying at 1, my past, and the War In Iraq my music helps get me through each day and I can only hope it inspires and touches others who also find their strength and hope in music!” – Motor Mouth

For those interested, he is currently working on his second studio album with Darren Vegas and has a showcase coming up on Sunset Blvd April 17th.

It appears that legendary hip hop producer Darren Vegas has done it yet again which just goes to show, time may pass and the game may change but those who are called to contribute to the music industry always will.  From the looks of things to come, with the continued guidance of Multi-Platinum Producer Darren Vegas, Motor Mouth just might be the next major contributor.

Motor Mouth can be found on Instagram under the alias @therealmotormouth, online at his personal website www.micah2pt0.com (sign up for his monthly newsletter and receive a free download), and on every major music platform.


Micah DuBeau is an American Hip Hop artist/songwriter known by the alias Motor Mouth.  He is a US Army Infantry Veteran and was honorably discharged after serving in the Iraq War.

Currently, he resides in the Los Angeles / Orange County area in Southern California where he is focusing on the release of his second studio LP with Multi-Platinum Producer Darren Vegas (former Head Producer for Death Row Records).

He released his debut Studio LP “I Always Rise” on February 12, 2019, his first single “You & I” featuring Empress Kush on August 1, 2018, and his second single “Live Fast Die Hard” on October 31, 2018.


Motor Mouth
Micah DuBeau
615 17th St, Huntington beach, ca 92648

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