LIL DRANKO’s Raise To Universal Superstardom

Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa — LIL DRANKO born Matlotlo Sennacherib Archiebolt Maimane in South Africa has successfully elevated to superstardom on his own terms. Following a series of singles, television appearances, online appearances, setting chart records, having celebrities as fans and receiving multiple award nominations LIL DRANKO has earned the title “The exclusive Artist”.

With the release of his first official single “Gang Sauce” LIL DRANKO  had the streets dancing and dressing up to express themselves through fashion. He continued his dominance by dropping a follow smash single titled “Dress Kode” that claimed up the charts and received multiple award nominations. The success continues and he continues to spread love, joy and peace through the allegory in his music. He continues to rise and puts in a lot of work and will be releasing his debut studio album “Wedding Vows To Money” on the 4/01/22, google LIL DRANKO or subscribe to his youtube channel for more info.

With an art peace of a hairstyle he prides himself in looking good and believes his fans and everyone should do the same i.e “Dress Kode is Forensic” – LIL DRANKO in dress kode. As an artist he prides himself in creating music to spread love, joy, peace and does it through the feeling and energy in his music (He mentioned this on an interview he did with pitchradio). He believes everyone has a unique shine in them “If I tell you a star would believe that’s who you really are” – LIL DRANKO in his upcoming song Dripin Voss.

With his fast track to the top of the music industry and universal superstardom LIL DRANKO still remains in touch with all his fans through varies methods unique to him and his fanbase. He always continues to work at implementing business strategies that will increase his star power while still catering to his existing fanbase and business associates.

Truly LIL DRANKO is a unique and amazing artist, simply put he is an artist of an omnipotent dynasty. With such an impressive team and network of legendary music executives and hall of famers his “Universal Stardom” is only beginning. He aims to continue being a certified provider of amazing, high quality and high quantity music for music users and lovers all over the universe.

Be sure to google “LIL DRANKO” to download or stream his music for free, also stay informed and connect with this amazing artist on any social media platform and be entertained and amazed forever.




Matlotlo Sennacherib Archiebolt Maimane famously known as “Lil DRANKO” is a Singer/songwriter, Executive producer, Model, Actor, Influencer, Designer and Entrepreneur. Musically LIL DRANKO specializes in Hip hop, rap, trap, rock, punk and alternative music. “Dranko!!!” is recognized for his elite vocal style, impressive songwriting ability and executive producing skills with unique content. His unique purple & pink hair, extraordinary fashion sense contribute to his “first of its kind image”.


Address: 41 Stiemens Street, Apartment 1203, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 0609881497
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