Linda J. Martin

Linda J. Martin“Forever and Ever” displays some extremely refined musicianship – in the flawless rhythmic execution of the acoustic guitar to the pitch-perfect and emotional vocals. James Taylor fans, Jackson Browne fanatics and anybody who loves the 60’s, 70’s or a good clean songwriter will be quite pleased. Love is the topic of focus, and this older gentleman seems to feel it in his soul. The recording is awesome, with tight drums, piano, bass and guitar all balanced perfectly. This pop/country ballad would fit right in on radio rotation with contemporary and classic artists. The lead guitar lines are tasteful and elegant, the song is pretty much pure authentic magic through-and-through.

“Alone” lets Martin’s country roots shine a bit through his vocals. The guitar playing is superb and the singing is spot on – it sounds like a forgotten/rare track from the radio. The lyrics are a longing for lost love, addressing the loneliness and pain of loss.

“You Make Me Want To Cry” is a more up-tempo song with dominant 7ths all over the place. It’s not typical blues, more of a rockabilly-melodic-swing adventure.

Linda J. Martin is not an amateur, he is a super-refined songwriter with a great gift for melody and production.