Black Death Bela Von

Black Death Bela Von“Judge Me Not” is a club dancer with a trance groove, and intricate chord changes that sound movie-score-esque. The layers keep coming as the track progresses, designed for listeners who are fastened in for the ride. The quality is great, pro sounding, ready to be blasted in your car on a long drive. The music is instrumental, eerie and hypnotizing.

“Groove It” has some dirty snare hits, wild changes and a head-bobbing tempo. The grainy, bassy, synths add a somewhat “industrial” sound to this through-composed epic dance music. It’s half club-music and half experimental-art music.

“I Will Be Around” is a again a dance-y, trance-y smooth ride with echoing piano, driving bass drum hits, and synth-strings for days. Logic or Reason, or whatever this Black Death Bela Von (Bela Von Ponyi) guy uses for his beats ends up sounding pro, with consistent changes and constantly evolving atmosphere in the songs.

The instrumental grooves stand strong on their own, though a dose of vocals or a strong guest singer here and there would definitely boost the mass appeal. Overall there are strong compositional skills masked in the these airy, good vibe jams.

There aren’t too many tracks available for listen, and info on him is scarce, but the music speaks for itself – Black Death Bela Von has a unique, engaging, and genre-blending sound that you can chill, dance or drive to.