Stephie Rae

Stephie RaeCrazy soul-folk with a new-age spin. The Sundays sound like an influence with the dreamy guitar leads and 60’s jam band feel. “High In the Night” features acoustic guitars, superbly beautiful vocals captured in a clean balanced recording. “Set yourself free” is the hooky line to the song, harmonized and complimented by layered guitar leads that sing and emote.

A visit to blesses listeners with immediate streaming songs that will hypnotize and leave you eager for more. “When the Reins Fell” has a celti-folk vibe, percussive shakers and a full-band orchestration. The vocals are incredibly strong, calling to mind classic artists like Joni Mitchell, Bonnie Rait and newer stuff like Jewel.

Stephie Rae isn’t a young artist – she’s not the new Taylor Swift, but thank the Lord Almighty for that and the fact that artists with true soul keep making music. The tracks are professionally produced and recorded, but if there is any question of “studio magic”, check out the live video for “You’re My Fantasy” on her website. She is incredibly tight, flawless and emotional on both guitar and vocals – like a female James Taylor. The performance is real magic, accompanied by a great guitar player, and is a testimony to Stephie Rae’s ability.