Sylvia Semel Country Roots

sylvia-semel-reviewSylvia Semel is an artist who rocks the boots and cowboy hats but also can bring on the soul. “Don’t Love Him Too Much” is an upbeat country song that lends itself to the dance floor while “This Break Up Won’t Last” slows it down and is more a tale of an aching heart that holds on to hope. The country leaves and the singer/songwriter with a soulful pop demeanor comes on strong with “Roses and Lollipops.” It was a surprise to hear the switch up in her style but good all the same. Then that twang walks back by the time we get back to “Desperate In Love.” It seems like Sylvia could be comfortable in either genre but favors that country style a little more. It looks and sounds good one her so she and you need not worry. If you’re into good ol’ country gals, check out Sylvia Semel now. (