Tahesha Renee ’90s R&B Ways

Tahesha-Renee-reviewTahesha Renee is an R&B artist residing in Durham, North Carolina who utilizes her natural born gift well. “Hey” starts out strong and showcases her modern R&B style well. The beginning of “Loves Taking Over” is harmonious and when Tahesha kicks in with the vocals, it is like that of someone who’s been at this awhile. Her professionalism shines throughout her songs from those R&B dittys to the more upbeat ways of “Take Your Man” and the mid-tempo ways of “Til I Die.” If you’re a fan of artists like Monica and Mary J. Blige, make sure to give Tahesha Renee a listen. You’ll like it, guaranteed. (https://Soundcloud.com/tahesharenee)