On the Magnificent Trajectory of Achieving their Rock Dreams – The Trash Panda Band Releases New Single ‘Into the Night’

Through their unique and dynamic musical impact, The Trash Panda Band continues to echo their independent prowess

Nashville, TN — A truly creative force, The Trash Panda Band continues to garner fantastic momentum as they release a refreshing and original single, “Into the Night.” Accompanied by a music video that illustrates the track’s striking theme, the band’s new music is a unique perspective that comes from a band of gainfully employed individuals simply chasing their dream.

The video for “Into the Night” was released for listeners on January 1 and manifests a stunning production that has been originally created, directed, produced, and shot by The Trash Panda Band. Intriguingly, even the lighting used in the video was car headlights.

Recording their music while based in the St. George area, specifically in John Houston’s studio in Hurricane, UT, The Trash Panda Band incorporates a series of characteristic elements in their music. With their charismatic, compelling, and soul-stirring craft, the artists hope to create their own sound and produce music for albums.

Beginning their journey around 4 years ago, The Trash Panda Band started when JB, a successful Utah businessman decided to follow his rock dream which had been shelved for quite some time. Evoking an old-school nostalgia of the 80s with their initial tracks, the artists soon expanded into the contemporary century with their writing.

“The ten songs we’ve recorded get progressively better as we get used to working in the studio.  The songs are all fun and pretty good for a bunch of Southern Utah folks.  We are already starting on our next album.  In addition to music, we are making videos,” say the artists regarding their music.

Visit The Trash Panda Band’s website to stream and listen to their new music, give them a “like”, and subscribe to their YouTube channel! The band remains focused on putting out new and refreshing Rock music. Reach out to the artists through their email for inquiries, reviews, and interviews.



The Trash Panda Band is a collection of talented and seasoned individuals who continue to build on their Rock dreams.

Morgan was born with a serious set of lungs she claims that she can hear it in her head, harmonies, octaves, melodies, everything. In the studio, she continues to amaze all with her epic vocal prowess.

JB started playing guitar at age 8, and while not a professional musician (he has a day job), he has played for a long time. A moderate guitar collector, he owns around 30+ electric and acoustic axes.

Nick was in a band in high school and even recorded an album. His mother told him that she would be fine with him dropping out of school to become a Rock star. However, Nick did not go in that direction, rather, he finished high school and college.

Gage is a technically trained guitarist, who learned bass to fill a need in the band. A confirmed bachelor, he admits he is getting too comfortable with his life and lifestyle.

Josh played his first concert at 14 when he was in a band with older high school kids. He took some drum lessons and caught on fast. Josh also plays guitar and piano.

Austin loves to sing for fun. He started singing with friends when they would play in their living room. He is married and has 1 son.


The Trash Panda Band
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